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Burglar Alarm systems – complete peace of mind for a lot less than you think. We install house alarms all over Glasgow, Lanarkshire and central Scotland.

Install a cutting-edge Wireless burglar alarm system and enjoy the reassurance it brings. No false alarms and direct Police Response if required. Our house alarm packages are the most cost-effective in central Scotland.

Contact Security Services only install the latest and best home alarm systems. As a result, all of our burglar alarms are wireless, making installation quick, easy and completely mess-free.

We’ve built a great reputation for service and value for money.

Choose between two types of monitored burglar alarm systems. Police Response (Digi Air-GSM) and Keyholder Response (HomeControl App). Both systems using the same cutting-edge home alarm technology, are totally reliable and enjoy the same level of service from us.

Above all our customers tell us that they love the feeling of security our burglar alarms give them. Additionally, even though our rates substantially undercut the big national alarm companies, our customers love the superior technology. You don’t lose out in either quality of system or customer service as the below chart highlights.

We install the multi-award winning Pyronix Enforcer V10 house alarm system. This is a superb commercial-grade product and the class-leading home alarm system. Significantly it’s also Open Protocol. This means that even years into the future any alarm specialist will be able to service and repair it.

At Contact Security Services we look after our customers. Confidence and trust are key when it comes to something like home security. Our Trustpilot score should give you an idea of the level of customer service and satisfaction we offer (4.9/5). Compare us to the competition (we undercut them on price too!).

Contact Security fit and maintain house alarm systems all over central Scotland. We cover Glasgow in the west, all the way through to Edinburgh in the east and everywhere between.

We’re confident that you won’t find a better combination of system technology, friendly service and value for money anywhere. Why not call us on 0845 603 1235 to find out more?

How do we compare to the competition?

* With Contact Security Services you own the system from the day it’s installed. With ADT and many of our competitors, you sign a rental agreement and the company reserves the right to remove the system should your payments stop.
** ADT use Closed Protocol systems that only their own engineers can service or repair. Our system uses an Open Protocol and can be maintained by ANY alarm specialist. You are not locked into dealing with us.
*** Neither ADT or Yale allow Facebook users to leave reviews due to the number of negative comments. We welcome all customer comments and do everything we possibly can to offer our customers the best service quality in the industry. All information correct as of 01/11/2018.

* You only rent the system and the vendor reserves the right to remove the system should your payments stop.
** ADT use a closed system that only their engineers can service or repair. Our system uses an Open Protocol and can be 
maintained by ANY alarm specialist. You are not locked in to dealing with us.
*** ADT don’t allow Facebook users to leave reviews due to the amount of negative comments. We welcome all customer comments and do everything we can to offer our customers the best service quality in the industry. We score 4.9/5 on TrustPilot.
**** Verisure don’t offer Police Response. They offer Security Guard Response where a security van will be dispatched to visit your property. Our Police Response option calls the Police directly and they are duty bound to visit your property promptly. A far superior option. A Police Response alarm is the only type of security system that should entitle you to up to a 25% 
reduction in your home insurance.

With Contact Security you get…

• An award winning, ultra-reliable and easy to use alarm system

• The option of Keyholder Smartphone Response or Police Response

• Any repairs and replacement if necessary should equipment malfunction due to normal wear and tear

• Routine servicing and inspection programme including replacement of batteries

• 24 hour Customer Help Desk

• Mobile fleet of Security Engineers available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

• An extremely cost-effective and competitive price. We keep a very close eye on our competitors and as such are confident that we offer the best all-round deal in Scotland. Why not call us for a free consultation? Hard-sell techniques are never used and that’s a promise. Our advisor will quickly survey at your home and will go through the various options open to you.

or call us on 0845 603 1235

First-class burglar alarms: be protected

When connected to our system you are protected all day, every day, whether you are at home or not. We safeguard your home or business premises with intelligent movement detectors, discreet window protection and perimeter sensors. Our wireless Pyronix Enforcer systems meet all SSAIB standards.

You have the option of Police Response. Police forces around the country will respond immediately if more than one zone of your alarm activates. This rules out accidental activation. Something like an open window can allow a curtain to blow and activate the motion sensor in that zone. More than one zone activating would show that someone is moving from room to room. If this happens the Police will investigate immediately.

Alarm systems you can afford.

Homeowners and businesses across Scotland trust Contact Security Services. As a leading electronic security provider, we offer an unbeatable range of house alarm products.

Contact Security offers all the benefits of a national company but with a local presence. As a smaller company, we have lower overheads. This means we can undercut the national companies on price while giving a much better standard of service. Compare our reviews.

We look after your alarm system. Our professionally trained engineers are local to you. They are always on hand to ensure that your system is working well.

Our engineers can usually check and fix system errors remotely. If necessary, we dispatch an engineer to your home. our staff have a wealth of advanced alarm system knowledge. We are sure to find the right home alarm solution for you and your family to provide 24-hour peace of mind.

Get a no-obligation Free Quotation.

The latest Pyronix alarm (2017, 2018 and 2019 PSI Intruder Product of the year) offers unbeatable features and is our standard-fit alarm system

• Remote monitoring from anywhere in the world

• To arm the house alarm simply click the keyfob or press two buttons on the control panel on the wall on your way out and that’s the alarm set. When arriving home simply press it again to disarm. For burglar alarms, nothing could be simpler.

• The keyfob works from anywhere in your home. If you wish, you can easily set the night alarm with a single button press from the comfort of your own bedroom before you go to sleep (setting it is completely silent). Click it again in the morning to turn the alarm system off. It couldn’t be easier!

• Customisable push notifications (voice notification)

• Alarm system connects through the PyronixCloud. Ultra secure.

• Highly secure encryption. IA:2015 Grade 2 and 3 compliant

• The App is downloadable on iOS and Android

Covering Glasgow, Edinburgh, Lanarkshire and most parts of Scotland, Contact Security Services are experts in all aspects of home security and offer unbeatable deals on Burglar Alarm Systems.

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We’re keeping homes and businesses across Scotland safe and secure with an unbeatable range of burglar alarms. We can help you too. Why not get a fast and free quotation?