Expert Fire Detection System Installation
Protect your business. We install the very latest in Fire Detection systems all over central Scotland.

Fire Detection Systems – the right system at the right price for your company.

Choosing the correct Fire Alarm System for your building is obviously extremely important. We can help.

There are many different types of fire alarm systems available depending on your building type, size and application. Contact Security Services can advise and you on the right system, supply and install it to your exact specifications and requirements.

We can install Conventional Fire Alarms that are ideal for small shops and offices with detectors employed throughout the building which can tell you the area of the building that triggered the alarm.

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems are connected to a central panel which will swiftly alert you to any problems in any area of your building allowing you to accurately coordinate firefighters and building evacuation.

We also install Remote Fire Alarm Monitoring systems that connect your fire alarm system to our monitoring facility 24 hours a day meaning that even if your building is empty when fire is detected the fire services is always contacted, meaning that help is on its way at the earliest possible opportunity. The additional cost of these systems are usually offset by reductions in your building insurance.

Covering all of Scotland, Contact Security Services are experts in all aspects of fire security as well as standard security systems. We can design and install our own systems or we can thoroughly check your current system and offer a complete maintenance package for it. Our service levels are extremely high too.

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At Contact Security Services we only specify proven, market-leading products. You can be sure anything we install will be reliable, secure and efficient

Seamless Integration

Our fire control systems integrate with your security and access control systems


All of our installations meet ACPO, UKAS and SSAIB and all insurance accreditation standards.

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