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In the case of the resolution of disputes, footage from security cameras is extremely vital. This applies to commercial and domestic situations. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dispute between families, and employees or disputes between employees and customers, by referring to CCTV footage, it’s crucial to select the most effective cameras.

In businesses, companies ensure employees are secure, and also safeguard other elements such as corporate property, confidential data and valuable items commercial-grade security cameras are essential and are highly recommended for any business setting, from large firms to small-scale business locations.

CCTV cameras best suits for businesses

Bullet camera

Bullet CCTV is a common feature of the industry of surveillance. They are named for their bullet-like appearance. they’ve also been referred to as lipstick cameras. Whatever the name they can be identified as a classic standard for commercial and residential security systems. Their design is suitable for the majority of outdoor applications since they can be easily hung on the walls’ sides.

The distinctive bullet-shaped design makes these cameras a focal point in all settings. The shape is an unbeatable security measure for thieves more likely to target buildings and homes that do not have an evident security system. SCW’s bullet cameras will be noticed by intruders who might want to break into your home.

Dome Cameras: Low-Profile High-Functioning

Broad Surveillance Coverage

The name comes from their dome-shaped construction, IP dome cameras are made for outdoor and indoor usage, and also have dim and no-light settings. Ceilings indoors, porch ceilings and roof overhangs are typical places where wide-ranging or panoramic monitoring is required. It’s the huge potential for coverage which makes dome cameras so popular. Public spaces where people gather are perfect locations to enjoy the vast surveillance capabilities that dome cameras can provide. Some models have functions like a PTZ camera (pan tilt as well as zoom). So, some dome cameras can tilt horizontally and vertically and can multi-task in a remarkable surveillance way.

Visual Appeal

The simplicity of the design along with its minimal profile make the dome camera a great option for situations where privacy is the top priority. The simplicity of their design is less noticeable than other security cameras while blending into the surrounding.

The standard white camera housing can be adapted to predominantly white ceilings and also allows for a discreet placement over the entrances to exterior buildings.

less prone to vandalism

Not as visible as bullet cameras Dome cameras are less prone to vandalism. Our SCW range of glass is vandal-proof and some models are classified as IK 10, which is the highest possible score for protection against physical damage.

Our dome cameras with IP have an outer glass cover that protects the camera’s interior, which is different from bullet cameras, which can be easily modified by intrusions to direct the field of view in an opposite direction.

PTZ Cameras: Pan Tilt and Zoom to ensure security

High-End Security Advanced

PTZ cameras (Pan Tilt, Pan, and Zoom) are advanced and sophisticated components of the security industry. Its flexibility is the main benefit. When it comes to spotting vast and distant regions by zooming in and out by spinning 3600, tilting upwards and downwards, SCW’s IP PTZ cameras can be enjoyable to operate. With zooming capabilities ranging between 4x and 36x, they offer complete control of an all-encompassing surveillance area. Often, they are associated with premium security systems used by airports, banks and corporations, the price of SCW’s high-end PTZs allows homeowners and small businesses to include them in their security systems.


PTZ cameras feature internal mechanical components that permit the lens and camera to move. The variety of movements and the ability to shift focus and adapt to different circumstances make this camera one of the most flexible available. Fixed cameras, and even multiple fixed cameras, can’t be able to monitor large areas as well at the level that PTZ cameras. With their 3600-degree field of view, the blind spots are eliminated.

Moving Tracking

The most thrilling development that comes with PTZ cameras is the built-in program that tracks the changing of pixels in the video clip of the camera. In the view field, when pixels change because of movements, the camera’s focus is on the movement and then moves the camera in line with it. This happens to focus the fluctuation in pixel size on the chip. Thus, the camera can follow the movement and estimates the dimensions of the object as well as its distance from the camera. The lens is then able to zoom in and out, thereby stabilizing the fluctuations across the entire viewing area. In the absence of motion, the camera will return to its original position until it can detect the next change in pixel and the process repeats.

360degree Panoramic Cameras when you need to be able to see everywhere If You Have To Look It Up

IP Panoramic Security Cameras are security cameras which can view 3600 simultaneously. This Radius 12.0 Fisheye Dome Camera from SCW is commonly utilized in offices, that have it installed in the middle of the room to observe many cubicles at the same time.

Image Variety

Its Radius can record images at 12 megapixels. Since it’s a 3-600-pixel camera, it can record a circular image. The circular image is typically divided into panoramic views as well as EPTZ (digital pan tilt zoom) views. Every view, whether panoramic or ePTZ view can be captured independent of the circular fisheye view. Images can be seen as a single fisheye with full resolution, one fisheye with four ePTZs, or as one fisheye as well as a panorama.

Made Tough Commercial Grade Line

Built from ceramic and aluminium moulding The commercial-grade housing of this camera isn’t prone to cracking and degradation like plastic counterparts.

This tough SCW camera can withstand tests of vibration and can withstand surges of up to 6000 voltages. All the hardware on the outside contains an inside with an easy 1-Click Firmware Update Process, and the ability to store 40percent more information with H.265 video compression and zero delays in recording even when recording in motion.

The distinct bullet-shaped shape makes these cameras visible in every setting. The shape is unbeatable protection against thieves who are more likely to target businesses and homes without an evident security system. SCW’s bullet cameras will be observed by any potential burglars.

Security cameras for IP with audio provide a full range of communication:

Many businesses or individuals encounter situations in which audio is needed. 

Recording workplace conversations

Sometimes, you have to record audio along with the video. For instance, some companies decide to record every room where HR is talking to one of their employees. Like recording calls to record customer support or training purposes, the reason for recording audio is to ensure that HR staff at the junior level follow the proper regulations and guidelines. (If this is the case, then you’re trying to record, ensure that you go through the section on legal requirements to record audio.)

Access to secured facilities

Differently, IP cameras that have two-way audio are commonly installed at entrances to the outside which are locked to protect the property. In such a scenario doors could be locked to stop the entry of anyone who is not authorized, while employees can gain access to the facility via an electronic system like Access Control. Access Control product line. Visitors customers, salespeople, and other visitors require a verbal exchange with security personnel to identify their identity and gain access. Cameras like the Paladin 8.0 with built-in speaker and microphone are commonly utilized to facilitate this communication using the two-way audio feature by using SCW Go. SCW Go app. The unique IP camera system serves both audio and visual contact and also keeps a recording video for future reference. This is particularly useful since many intercoms do not have the weather-proofing that is provided by IP security cameras. In addition, IP cameras that have audio offer visual pictures of the people who are requesting admission and they don’t require the person who buzzes into them to take the choice “sight unseen.”

Integration of “dumb” audio-enabled products such as automatic gates

A lot of access gates come with an intercom that is weather-proofed and included that makes use of SIP phone lines as well as pressing a button on a phone to allow access. However, the majority of them did not design with the idea of recording in mind. If recording the conversation is required, it is feasible to connect your analogue audio input from the controller gate (if it includes an analogue audio output) to a camcorder that has the audio output.

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