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The local CCTV installer with industry leading standards
Contact Security Services offer only the latest in CCTV systems to customers all over central Scotland. Outstanding customer care is guaranteed.

We’re experienced CCTV Installers who only install the latest professional CCTV systems all over central Scotland

CCTV systems work! Statistics show that there are large reductions in crime in areas where a CCTV system in installed. We’re CCTV installers covering Glasgow, Lanarkshire and the whole of central Scotland.

CCTV cameras offer a very visible deterrent to burglars and vandals and, thanks to advances in technology, are better and more affordable than ever. Contact Security Services only fit high specification CCTV systems. We would not recommend most of the systems you’ll see all over the TV. Some of the brands we install are Hikvision, Avigilon, Samsung and Bosch.

New Scientist magazine reports that installing a CCTV system at your property can reduce crime in the area by a whopping 95%.

The CCTV systems we install are extremely advanced and can record in high definition, giving highly detailed colour images. The days of juddery, low resolution black and white VHS footage are long gone! What you’ll get from a good modern CCTV system are great quality images and the ability to view the output from your cameras over the internet. You could be on holiday and log in from your iPad, phone or at an internet cafe, viewing your home or business premises in real-time.

Contact Security Systems can install any type of CCTV system, from a basic single camera to a remotely monitored multi-camera system. Our prices are extremely competitive.

CCTV Systems that work with your existing security
If you have commercial premises and want to add a CCTV system, we can design the system to work along with your alarm system, access control and fire prevention systems. All of our technology is robust, tamper and vandal-proof and weather-proof.

Our CCTV installers make sure that there’s no mess and are happy to go the extra mile during the installation to ensure there is no visible wires.

We offer a FREE no-obligation quotation so why not give us a call and find out how we can help make your home or premises more secure? If we can find out exactly what you are trying to achieve by installing a CCTV system we can suggest the best possible ways to cost-effectively install the right CCTV system for you.

Monitor your home ir business from anyehere

You can log in and check your home or business with live video from anywhere in the world with a data connection

Advanced Technology That's Easy to use

Extremely reliable tech that's simple to use with servicing included in the price!


The system is extremely secure and is controlled by the ProControl app.

There’s little point in having the CCTV fitted if the video quality is grainy and difficult to see in bad light. Contact Security Services use the very latest CCTV solutions from the very best manufacturers.

These systems offer superb High Definition images along with Infra Red Night Vision technology. Regardless of the time of day or night you’ll see exactly what’s happening at your property.

Our CCTV systems have mobile access which allows you to check your home on any mobile device from anywhere in the world.

If you have an old CCTV system already installed the installation is even easier and you won’t believe the difference in quality and ease of use.

Fully Featured

The latest CCTV range offered by Contact Security Systems has everything you could ask for in a quality CCTV setup.
• 1080p High Definition resolution cameras
• Infra-Red Night Vision – built-in Darkfighter technology for a brilliant picture at night and in low light
• 1080p HD Recording – approx. 30 days of capacity
• View from any phone or tablet remotely – full mobile access with full functionality from any device using the ProControl App

Fitted as standard

Our CCTV systems are fully featured and offer unbeatable value for money, standard features include:
• Tamper and vandal proof
• Night vision infrared
• Weatherproof
• Internet connected for remote access
• Professionally installed so there are no visible cables
• Full extended warranty on all parts
• Routine Service programme
• Free software updates

Systems for Businesses and Homes

We have a range of CCTV security systems for all types of uses. We can design and install anything from a multi-camera system that integrates with your existing security and access systems to a single camera for a standard home.

Video Management and Storage

Our system comes as standard with enough storage to record continuously for 30 days. Managing your storage options is incredibly easy too.

View Anywhere

You can view your footage from anywhere in the world with our easy to use app (you will need a data plan for your phone or tablet of course). Great when you’re on holiday or want to keep an eye on your business when you’re not there.

Email Alerts

If our motion detection system detects unusual activity the system can send you instant email alerts to ensure that you don’t miss anything regardless of where you are.

Extremely Tidy Installation

Our installers work to an extremely high standard and pride themselves on leaving our customers home or business exactly how they found it. Any wiring that is required can very often be concealed and hidden out of sight using their years of experience in the industry. No sagging or loos

Expert Advice

Our experts can look at your property and design a system that ensures you get exactly what you need to ensure maximum security at the most competitive cost throughout Scotland. Try us for a free no-obligation quotation.

High Definition Performance that doesn’t cost the earth. Our cctv camera systems start from only £25.00 per month with a £199.00 installation fee. All servicing, maintenance and repairs are included in our monthly payment.

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