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CCTV Installation Glasgow, Serving Central Scotland

Contact Security Services are officially rated by TrustPilot as the highest-rated home and business Security Installation company in UK. We are always happy to go the extra mile to make sure that every single one of our customers is completely happy with our service.

We only install the very latest IP network CCTV technology. This, combined with our outstanding levels of customer support, means that we feel we can claim to offer CCTV solutions that are hard for any other company to beat.

Our latest CCTV systems offers the very latest class-leading cameras that feature independent Artificial Intelligence chips with deep learning algorithm for outstanding performance.

We only use the very latest CCTV technology

We only install the very latest IP network CCTV technology. Outstanding Ultra HD images with 8 Mega Pixel 4K plus full colour cameras. Package comes as standard with an independent Artificial Intelligence chip and deep learning algorithm. It focuses on human and vehicle with high accuracy, enabling fast detection of defined targets.

Colour View Technology: latest technology gives incredible low light performance, which makes night look like day even in the dark.

Smart Motion Detection: intrustion zones and tripwires can be set up around your property which will detect human or vehicle motion and send an instant alert with a video clip direct to any mobile device with 98% accuracy.

Active Deterrant: When a camera detects an intruder, we can program the system to trigger an alarm with flashing lights and siren to scare off the intruders.

Professional Installation included

Our highly trained engineers carry out a perfect installation every single time.

5 Star Customer Service – you can rely on us

Look at our independent reviews! Trustpilot rates us as the best security company in the UK for customer satisfaction. We’re not happy until you are!

Here for you at all times
When you have an all-inclusive comprehensive maintenance package with us we make sure everything works perfectly all the time. You’ll never be out of pocket as our plan covers absolutley everything including a free 24 hour callout service.

Protected Against Wi-fi Jammers

Unlike diy camera systems like Ring, Nest and Hive, our system does not reliant on your Wi-Fi to stream the pictures to your mobile and is therfore not susceptible to  being disabled by Wi-Fi jammers.

Our cameras are connected to a high-performance network video recorder which is normally securely fitted in the loft which can take the feed from multiple cameras and records everything for a period of 30 days. Even if your Wi-Fi connection drops your cameras are still recording everything.

The fact that our cameras aren’t streaming the pictures to your mobile using your Wi-Fi means our system wont slow down your internet speed which can quite often happen if you have multiple Wi-Fi cameras. 

Amazing Night Technology

You get superb 24/7 colour images.

Smart Motion Detection

System can recognise human or vehicle motion and send video clip direct to your phone with 98% accuracy.

Active Deterrence

Cameras have built-in microphone and speaker – warn off intruders with voice commends and red/blue flashing light.


Full Service CCTV Packages

Full Service
CCTV Installers

With Contact Security Services, you can rest easy knowing that we provide a full-service experience. Our experience and experitse is at your full disposal.

What do you get as standard?

Our CCTV systems are fully featured and offer unbeatable value for money, standard features include:

2 X 8MP 4K Cameras


1 X 2TB Hard Drive ( 30 Days Constant Recording )

Cat 5 Cabling

Tp LInk
• Tamper and vandal proof
• ColorVu Technolgy – 24Hr Colour pictures ( even in the dark)
• Weatherproof (IP 67 rated)
• Internet connected for remote access
• Professionally installed so there are no visible cables
• Full extended warranty on all parts
• Routine Service programme
• Free software updates

Fully Featured – everything you could ask for

The latest CCTV range offered by Contact Security Systems has everything you could ask for in a quality CCTV setup.

8MP 4K Ultra High Definition Resolution Cameras

• ColorVu Technolgy – 24Hr Colour pictures ( even in the dark)

Smart Motion Dertection (Alerts when a human or vehicle enters your property with 98% accuracy)

Active Deterrent – System can be programmed to trigger an alarm to scare off intruders

30 Days of Constant Recording

• Tamper and vandal proof
• Weatherproof (IP 67 rated)
• Internet connected for remote access
• Professionally installed so there are no visible cables
• Full extended warranty on all parts
• Routine Service programme

Free 24Hr Callout Service

• Free software updates


View CCTV footage anywhere in the world

You can view your footage from anywhere in the world with our easy to use app.  Great when you’re on holiday or want to keep an eye on your business when you’re not there.

Email and Text Alerts

If our smart motion detection detects a human or a vehivle at a specified time the system will send an instant alert to your mobile with a video to ensure that you don’t miss anything regardless of where you are.

Easy Video Management and Storage

Our system comes as standard with enough storage to record continuously for 30 days. Managing your storage options is incredibly easy too.

Extremely Tidy Installation

Our installers work to an extremely high standard and pride themselves on leaving our customers home or business exactly how they found it. Any wiring that is required can very often be concealed and hidden out of sight.

Expert Help and Advice

Our experts can look at your property and design a system that ensures you get exactly what you need to ensure maximum security at the most competitive cost throughout Scotland. Try us for a free no-obligation quotation.


CCTV for Businesses

Commercial CCTV Installations Scotland

Our CCTV Systems usually work perfectly with your existing security systems. 

If you have commercial premises and want to add a CCTV system, we can design the system to work along with your alarm system, access control and fire prevention systems. All of our technology is robust, tamper and vandal-proof and weather-proof.

Our CCTV installers make sure that there’s no mess and are happy to go the extra mile during the installation to ensure there is no visible wires.

We offer a FREE no-obligation quotation so why not give us a call and find out how we can help make your business premises more secure? If we can find out exactly what you are trying to achieve by installing a CCTV system we can suggest the best possible ways to cost-effectively install the right CCTV system for you.


The Best Choice

Why Choose Our Glasgow CCTV Installation Company?

We believe that we offer the best combination of technology, expertise, customer service and value for money of any CCTV installation company in Scotland. We only install the best systems, and as we are a small, highly efficient team, we have lower overhead costs than many security companies which in turn allows us to offer lower prices to our customers.

We don’t just offer CCTV installations. We have a wealth of knowledge of all types of security systems, with years of experience protecting people and properties.

Highest Rated Security Company

With over 600 reviews, we are the highest rated security company in the UK.

Local Scottish Security Company

We have all the experience and expertise of the international companies while being local to Central Scotland.

Unbeatable Personal Experience

Our team is very friendly and approachable, ensuring we deliver a unique personal experience.

Trusted Security Specialists

We are fully SSAIB (Security Systems Alarms Inspection Board) accredited and insured, and trusted by thousands of customers all across Scotland.

State-of-the-Art Tech

We utilise only the highest quality technology, expertly installing and maintaining devices.

More Affordable Than Others

Our tech and services while being the highest quality available, won’t break the bank!


Unbeatable Benefits

CCTV Installation
Frequently Asked Questions

(Placeholder text) We don’t just offer Monitored Alarm Systems. We have a wealth of knowledge of all types of security systems, with years of experience protecting people and properties.

Does the system use batteries?

No, unlike many other systems, our cameras are wired to you home’s electrical system. Battery power is fine for motion detectors in alarms systems, where batteries can last 2 years before needing to be replaced. High Definition cameras use a lot more power and we don’t like how often the batteries in some systems last before needing replacement.

We also like to install our cameras in places where potential intruders can’t easily reach. This would make replacing batteries really inconvenient too.

Is the video recorder bulky and difficult to conceal?

As you can see on the image above it’s not bulky at all. We’ve placed a phone on it to give you a better idea of its size. It can be easily hidden away and does not draw attention to itself. As you need to touch it to control it, our installers like to put it in the loft if possible.

Is it secure?

Yes! Our system uses bank-level encryption so you can be sure that only you can access your footage.

What if something malfunctions?

No need to worry if something stops working as you have the peace of mind with our comprehensive service and a 24hr callouit service that everything is covered. You will never be out of pocket and if we can’t repair anything we’ll replace it with brand new equipment for the length of time you are a customer with us.

Do you upload video to the cloud?

No. Systems that upload constantly to the cloud can substantially slow down your home internet and can easily be hacked using a Wi-Fi jammer. Our system records video on a dedicated video recorder we install in your home. It keeps 30 days of crystal clear video which you can easily access at any time.

Can I access video live on my phone?

Yes you can. Using the app you can check your cameras in real time from anywhere in the world.

Do you service the equipment?

Yes. We carry out a yearly service as part of our service agreement with you.

Can my CCTV footage be used in court?

Yes it can. Your images must be clear in order to stand up in court. Thankfully our system provides high-quality images that should easily allow you to provide clear enough footage for identification purposes. We have had lots of customers who have relied on ourcameras in court to prosecute the burglars.